Teens get bored after about two seconds. We know because they tweet about it over 5 million times a week (and because we were teens once). That’s why vitaminwater, the experts at solving for boring stuff—see plain, old water—set out on a mission to make every other boring thing more brilliant for their fans. That’s where we came in—helping them to transform Twitter from a 140-character yawnfest into a brilliant engine for direct response via social. One that could both deepen engagement on the spot and also drive fans to the brand website. So how did it all work? With a simple promise: Tweet us what’s boring. And we’ll make it brilliant. During the #makeboringbrilliant campaign, teens tweeted us what bored them using the hashtag, and we tweeted back with brilliant content made just for them. Your mom’s cat is boring? We’ll answer with a brand new pet: the (cat + owl) meowl. Awake in the middle of the night? We’ll send you a sexy panda vid to serenade you to sleep. All in all, over 1,000 unique videos, gifs, and images were created—including hipster zombies, yeti nanas, and one extremely sultry kangaroo.